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Ronald Harrison O. D.

Ronald Harrison O. D.

Dr. Ronald Harrison was born in Chicago and raised in Lansing, IL. He attended TF South High School where he was selected to the National Honor Society. Sports were of great interest with participation in football, wrestling and track. During that time, he was fit with the early hard contact lenses. That began an early interest in optometry.

Undergraduate studies were at Southern Illinois University. He was selected to Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society for freshman. In 1979, Dr. Harrison graduated from Illinois College of Optometry, the nation's oldest and largest optometry institution.

Immediately after licensure, Harrison Eye Care was opened. The original office was a small two room location in Frankfort's historic district. In 1995, the move to our current location was made.

The profession of optometry has changed profoundly since 1979. originally a "dropless" profession, legislation was passed in the 1980s to allow the use of drugs for testing purposes. That meant considerable time back in the classroom for study and certification for the use of diagnostic drugs. In 1995, additional legislation passed allowing the use of therapeutic drugs for the treatment of eye diseases such as infection and glaucoma. This meant more classroom time to become certified for the use of these drugs, currently the highest level of licensure for optometrists in Illinois.