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Computer Glasses

Do you suffer from Computer Vision Syndrome?

Do you often experience blurred vision, eyestrain or headaches after being on your computer or smart phone for an extended amount of time? If so, you may be experiencing a condition known as Computer Vision Syndrome. Fortunately, eye doctors have developed a special type of eyeglasses, known as computer glasses, that are made specifically to address the unique needs of those who are on the computer or other electronic devices for extended periods of time each day.

In explaining the benefits of computer glasses, Dr. Harrison of woman 20reading 20news 20on 20a 20tabletHarrison Eye Care in Frankfort, Ill. first points out, “Usually, computer screens are positioned around 20-26 inches from your eyes, in what is commonly referred to as your 'intermediate' zone of vision. Because traditional eyeglasses are not made in a way that is conducive to intermediate viewing of the type required by computer work, blurred vision, eyestrain and headaches often result. By comparison, computer glasses are specifically made to emphasize comfortable intermediate viewing, helping your eyes more easily focus on the computer screen with less effort and making computer viewing over an extended period of time noticeably more comfortable.”

Blue Light

Blue light is another important consideration when discussing the need for computer glasses. Dr. Harrison explains, “Blue light comes from computer screens, televisions and smart phones, and has been known to cause eyestrain, headaches and fatigue. Even more alarming, recent studies also point to growing evidence that blue light exposure has the potential to significantly increase a person's risk of macular degeneration over time. Fortunately, the last few years have seen significant strides in blue light blocking technologies that can be widely applied to make computer glasses even more effective at protecting your eyes.”

Computer glasses are often equipped with specialty lenses, such as BluTech and Crizal Prevencia, that are meant to reduce or eliminate many of the harmful side effects linked to increased time in front of computers and other electronic devices. This is accomplished by selectively filtering out blue light, which enhances visual comfort and minimizes eyestrain. At the same time, these lenses allow non-harmful light to pass through, allowing for the clearest vision possible.

Special Lens Coatings

Specialty lens coatings may also be applied to computer glasses. Among the most popular of these specialty coatings is HOYA Recharge. This special lens treatment reflects about 30% of harmful blue light away from the eye. In conjunction with the specialty lenses mentioned above, HOYA Recharge can help significantly increase the amount of blue light filtered or reflected away from the eye, making computer use noticeably more comfortable.

We recommend several types of lenses to our patients:


Designed to alleviate the adverse effects of today’s digital lifestyles, SYNC single-vision lenses feature a front surface radial aspheric design with a corresponding backside vertical aspheric lens component that provides +0.88 diopters of relaxing power. Balanced for each eye, SYNC offers optimal binocular vision along with HOYA’s Distortion-Free optics for easier adaption to all viewing ranges. Comfortable vision at all distances to reduce eye fatigue is ideal for digitally oriented children and young adults. SYNC delivers the best binocular vision possible.


The Recharge™ AR treatment reduces blue light emittedRecharge lens treatment by electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, TVs and even energy efficient light bulbs by 10 percent compared to conventional AR treated lenses. This helps alleviate eye strain, headaches, fatigue, blurred vision and can even improve patients’ sleeping habits. Recharge lenses also provide all the benefits of Super HiVision EX3, including substrate matching technology and the same overall transmittance, while offering the same scratch resistance and hydrophobic performance of View Protect, making Recharge the perfect match to package with modern lens designs like TACT and SYNC. Recharge blocks up to 10% of harmful blue light waves emitted by electronic devices and helps alleviate eyestrain, headaches, fatigue and blurred vision. Recharge can also improve sleeping patterns.

TACT Progressive Lenses

If you are looking for progressive lenses, TACT PROGRESSIVE LENSES are designed specifically for prolonged near visual tasks, like working inside an office, to help alleviate eyestrain and even reduce fatigue. TACT lenses maximize your visual range and focus at arm’s length distances, providing a clearer viewing zone up to 5 times larger than conventional eyeglass lenses. And they’re available with our Super HiVision lens treatment to eliminate glare and reflections from office lights and computer screens. TACT lenses are also amazingly smudge-proof, so you can always focus on the task at hand.

Essilor Visual Fatigue Lenses

essilor computer lensIf you are specifically looking for computer eyewear that will protect your eyes from Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) or eye fatigue from staring at your computer screen from prolonged period of time — try Essilor Visual Fatigue Lenses. These lenses are best to incorporate in your computer glasses to free yourself from the harmful blue light your computer screen emits. It features “power boost” in the lower area of the computer lenses, this is especially helpful for those suffering from nearsightedness. Essilor Computer Lenses also features larger intermediate areas for better performance for those who work on their computer for long extended hours.

Computer glasses are an absolute necessity for maintaining both your short term visual comfort and long term visual health as you work and play in a world increasingly dominated by computers and smart phones. For more information about how computer glasses can help you, speak to your eye doctor today.